Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Recap

Ahhh. It's so nice to be home with my snuggle kitty keeping my chest warm and purring in my ear while the laptop warms my lap.

Christmas with the in-laws is always different...this year included friends for dinner on Christmas night in addition to the annual family gathering with DH's cousin's and their adorable and well-raised kids. While we had planned for the family gathering, the unexpected gathering didn't allow us introverts enough time to regroup for the one we were really looking forward to.

Both mother's cried when we shared the news of our pregnancy. Happy tears, but very immediate. (I just hope we still are...the days to the 7th seem to be ticking past slower than usual.)

Big presents here (apart from the pregnancy) - a Wii (DH) & Wii Fit (in-laws) for me, GPS (me) & XM Radio (in-laws) for DH. And I finally got the Starbucks card I've been asking for for multiple gifting occasions. It'll take me a LONG time to use it all, and thank God for decaf! Thanks, brother-in-law!

The funny thing, Christmas Eve as we were wandering around the house gathering all that we were planning to take, I said to DH "I think I'm going to put a Wii on the list for Santa tonight." Of course he gave the argument of it being too late to put it on the list, and my response was something like "Santa can do anything..." And he did, thanks to DH's pre-planning!

The biggest negative of the holiday: MICE. In the wall of our bedroom which adjoins the garage. While we didn't see any evidence they had made it past the wall, the smell in the room was awful. Of course, the in-laws don't go in that room very often, so they had no idea. AND, tried to question whether it could be something else. [insert eye-roll here]

The nice thing about having people with young children over is that they leave fairly early. I was able to get to bed around 10-10:30pm every night, and thanks to the pregnancy actually managed to fall asleep before DH came in a couple hours later after spending some brother/brother time together.

My work closes the week between Christmas and New Years so I'm not going to be going in to work, but I'll still be working at home to get through a pile of things that need to be done around the house and only 3 days to do them as we plan to head up to Wintergreen Thursday for the weekend. I almost wish we weren't going so I would have the extra time to get items checked off the to-do list AND nap.

I hope your Christmases were equally as merry and happy and didn't include mice.


  1. Sorry your in-laws were challenging! Rodents aside, though, sounds like it was a very merry one for you and DH.

    Enjoy sleeping now, sister! I speak from the woeful trenches of the 3rd trimester...

  2. I'm glad you had a good christmas. I'm very jealous of your Wii Fit. I've been asking Husband for one for what seems like an age!

    As for the mice.. I seriously can't think of any odour I may create that resemble mice!?

    I'm with you on the 'slow passing time' front. 4th Jan seems so long away. Here's to the next 10 days flying by.

  3. Ewww, what else smells like mice, besides, well, MICE? Gawd, people! Well, rats smell like mice too I guess. Pack rats REALLY smell. I dealt with all those furry critters in my days in the field. But this Christmas, there was no crude oil, charts or rodents! Just a paper eating baby and demanding MIL.

    So glad you had a merry Christmas! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!! Ultrasound is getting closer :)