Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope 2010 brings all that you are hoping for and nothing negative to your lives.

We're spending the evening at home - DH is working on framing in the TV niche over our fireplace so we can move from the 36" 300-pound old-fashioned TV* we bought before we moved into the house 5 years ago to one of those new-fangled 54" 100-pound plasma TV's. Currently he is hung up on how to extend the wiring for the electrical outlet already in the box and to make sure we have all the connections we need in place to make sure all the other components will connect to the TV properly.

Other than supporting DH with his project, I'm not doing much of anything myself. The day after Christmas I wrote a list of everything I hoped to get accomplished this week. As you might guess, so far the list is woefully uncompleted. The important things (except for cleaning the bathroom - I MUST do that tomorrow, energy or no) have gotten done. And I can't think of anything much more important than doing those things which correspond with hopefully growing a healthy baby for 2010. Despite that, about 30 minutes ago I found the energy to put together the pudding part of DH's favorite chocolate meringue pie. The meringue part will come about in an hour or so when the pudding has chilled.

I'm guessing that I'll be ready for bed by 11pm, so that's when we'll drink our respective sparkling wine and sparkling peach cider (that's non-alcoholic for you UK types), toast the new year and crash. There may be some card games played as well, a tradition we've followed for the past few years.

What a difference from New Years Eve 2000. That evening I was stressing out about my dress not being hemmed properly and missing our dinner reservations and DH was stressing out about how and when during the evening he was going to propose.

Hope your evening is more exciting than ours, but only in the best of ways!

*It still works great - any takers? But I don't exaggerate on the weight. That mo-fo is one heavy SOB.


  1. Happy new year! Awe, so sweet that ten years ago DH was working up the nerve to propose!!

  2. Oops, typo - it was 12/31/2000, so New Years Eve 2001.