Monday, December 7, 2009

Baking and Christmas and Skiing, Oh My!

Warning: Stream of consciousness ahead!
So, final tally from this weekend:
-Peanut butter cookies with kisses (only a handful left of the original batch I baked on Friday which means I'll be baking another batch this week.)
-Gingerbread people (with cinnamon buttons and dragee eyes. Only half a batch or less is left, which also means another batch this week. These were supposed to get icing, but the person who wanted icing didn't put out the effort to do so even when invited to. His loss.)
-Coconut macaroons (untouched)
-Oatmeal raisin cookies (mostly untouched)
-Banana bread (made with stale pecans - nasty!)
-Thumbprint cookies (dough is in fridge, waiting for me to come home with jelly so the baking can commence. Most likely will remain untouched and will serve more as gifts along with the macaroons. What?)
-Christmas tree (purchased in the pouring rain on Saturday. Brought inside on a beautiful Sunday. At ~9' plus stand, it fits very nicely in our family room with the 10' ceiling.)
-Greenery over Garage Lights (DH does an excellent job at this)
-Snowflake on the end of the garage (busted. It fell off last year and didn't get picked up for a couple of days. Looking for a lighted wreath to replace it. We loved the snowflake but after buying 2 in 3 years, it's not a good investment.)
-Lights on front stoop rails (yeah, that's still gotta happen this week along with the batches of cookies, and lights and ornaments on the tree.)
-Snow. (not at our house, but 6"+ at Wintergreen; the ski season kicks off next Saturday. This means that weekends from now through March are going to be spent traveling to one resort or another for DH to attend clinics, seminars and testing. And that's why he has two vehicles - one for commuting to work and a comfortable, yet gas-guzzling, SUV for trips. It also means that baking, decorating, cleaning and so on will have to be completed during the weeks from now on. Though I may get a couple of weekends off for "good behavior" when DH has to visit multiple resorts in a weekend.)
-No internet at the office again this morning until about 30 minutes ago. Stupid tv/phone/internet company.


  1. Mmmmm, all those cookies! My goodness, where do you get all the energy to make those?!

  2. Well, obviously, very little else got done this weekend. And I have a passionate relationship with my Kitchenaid mixer.