Friday, November 13, 2009

Strange Dreams

I've had some odd dreams in the past week - and I'm not sure why. It's not like I've started taking any new meds that would mess with my brain.

The first and second were on the same night, the third was just last night. In two of the three dreams I was single and making out with / getting involved with a man other than DH. In neither dream was the other person someone I actually know. In the third dream (actually the first of the three) DH and I were throwing a party, which we never do, and so our interactions were limited to party host transactions.

I just wish I understood what my subconscious was trying to get across.


  1. How weird... me too! Mine were all focused on ex-boyfriends... literally ones that I haven't talked to in YEARS (like the one last night 10 years ago- high school!). Weird. It is nice to wake up though, and see my husband and snuggle next to him. If anything it makes me appreciate what I've got!

  2. Weird! At least your dreams are fun! Mine have all been dominated by zombies and/or knife-wielding psychos...I'd vastly prefer a makeout session to running for my life all the time.

  3. I too wish we knew what those dreams meant! I had a dream recently that I was making out with the new temp in my office--who actually might be gay. So random. I think that the specific people in our dreams actually represent certain feelings and aspects of our lives. Im sure that these crazy dreams we're having are from hormones and all of the fluctuating emotions of IF..

  4. I've been having weird dreams lately, too. Three last week involving ex's, which is no fun at all. Last night's, I was carrying around the cat like a baby on my hip "to practice" and taking her shopping. She got heavy, but I refused to put her down because I didn't want anyone to think I couldn't handle carrying a cat, let alone a real baby.

    No secrets there, eh?