Thursday, July 2, 2009

(Oops, I forgot to give this a title...)

DH has had a rough week - most of it dealing with a client representative who stirs the pot to make himself seem important. In turn, I've been trying to make up for the suckitude at work by smothering him with love and appreciation at home. (Thank goodness this is a short week.)

Three days of this sucked enough energy out of both of us to make heading to bed shortly after 9 sound like a good idea last night. With one thing and another (ahem) we didn't actually get to sleep until a bit after 10 only to be woken between 11 and 12 by one heck of a thunderstorm.

I was in a deep enough sleep that it didn't really bother me, I roused enough to realize that DH was petting our shivering dog and telling her it was going to be okay. With the the situation under control I immediately returned to sleep.

What I missed was very bright lightening and thunder in surround sound. And a dog who would have been quite happy to crawl herself up onto our bed had the word been given.


Frankly this week has made me wonder a bit at how I'm going to deal with the sleep deprivation an infant/child/teen brings. I'm guessing caffeine will be my friend - at least by then I won't be restricted like I am now!


  1. I think the same thing about being exhausted by the end of the day nowadays sans bambino. But I assume that when/if I do have a baby, all the mental energy I've been spending on TTC will fuel me for hours! ;)

  2. Ha! From what I hear, life with a newborn is a lot like bootcamp, you just get through it. Eventually they start sleeping, and then you spend the rest of your life makig up for the sleep you lost.

    The good news is that no one expects much from you during those early weeks, so if you manage to keep your child alive and yourself fed, everyone's always really impressed.

  3. I often wonder about that too. DH and I have been together now for going on 13 years and have become very set in our ways. A baby will really mess with our schedules but I think that when the time comes we and you will be more than up to the challenge.