Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In The Name Of Change

I'm not changing my name, I'm just adding a first name.

It's started to feel awkward to communicate as "Mrs. Higrens."

I'm a casual person, I don't want to be called Mrs. X in real life, it makes me look over my shoulder for my mother-in-law. And being addressed as such on line or in person, makes me feel like I'm closing myself off from being friendly.

Probably all in my head, but since this is ALL about me (::smirk::), I'm going to start commenting on blogs under a first name.

So, when you see "Blanche" appear on your comments, it's just me, being friendly-like and not so stand-offish.

Blanche isn't my real name. It's one I used for a while in college, based on my hazy recollections of reading Streetcar in high school. That could explain some things, couldn't it?


  1. Hi Blanche,

    Just posting back, saying thanks for the good wishes (and warm sock advice!).

    Blanche DuBois was always a favourite character of mine...