Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why is it?

That mangoes have that faint underlying pineyness that tantalizes me?

(or is it just me who tastes that?)

Fun Facts:
-I had never heard of a mango until I was in college and while on one of the early chat rooms "met" someone with the handle of Mango. I did end up meeting him in person. He drive two hours from his friends house and brought me a cheap Toys R Us stuffed animal. We didn't chat or email after that meeting. Huh.
-After a trip to Jamaica with DH, I blamed mangoes for the horrible, no good, vacation-ruining blister I developed on one of my eyes. It was probably an errant grain of sand which caused irritation, but since I had been noshing fairly heavily on mangoes and papayas (which I don't typically eat at home) I blamed them.
-After that I didn't eat anything with mango or papaya in the name for a couple of years.
-More recently I decided to try them again (in the states with quick access to medical care if issues occurred) and have not had a single problem.
-Taco Bell's Mango Frutista Freeze is pretty darn good. Even if it did give me a combination brain and chest freeze. While driving. Ouch! (For a quick imaginary tropical getaway, click on the page and turn up the volume to relax to the sounds of crashing waves & seagulls.)

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  1. Ahh... Mrs Higrens, you gotta have to taste the best mangoes in the world. But you would have to travel across the Pacific to do that in Zambales, Philippines!