Thursday, July 17, 2008

Did I tell you about my most recent shopping expedition?

Last week I ended up going to the local outlets not one, not two, but three days in a row!

Two things I should note:
(1) All the stores were having niiice sales.
(2) The parking lot was only 2/3 full on the busiest day (Friday).

(In other words, if you have the cash you could make out like a bandit updating your wardrobe. Does anyone besides my grandmother use that phrase any more? Besides me, of course!)

Here's the thing, 75% of this shopping wasn't even for me. DH recently went through his polo shirt collection and discarded about half of them. Too big, too faded, too uncomfortable from the first wearing. And by discarded I mean he put them in a pile on the floor with the rest of the clothing I need to wash, count & list, and take to a charity shop.

So my main mission was finding new polo shirts for DH.

This was made harder by restrictions imposed by DH:
(1) Of his remaining shirts, 50% were blue. Because of this, he specifically requested no new blue shirts. Of the shirts on display, 50% of the attractive patterns were predominantly blue.
(2) The fabric had to feel nice and tuck into his jeans comfortably. (Yes, he wears jeans to work. You may now commence with the hating.) This eliminated another 50% of the shirts out there due to strange man-made fabrics, rough pique knits, or other unacceptable traits.
(3) DH does not like to wear shirts in light colors or browns (white, cream, gray, light tan) unless he is working out in a t-shirt. That eliminated another 20% of the remaining shirts from the above two restrictions.
(4) And since DH already has two orange shirts, he asked that I not look for orange.
(5) Of the primary colors that leaves: red, yellow, green, and purple. Of those colors, not all shades look good on DH so that limited the choices as well.

I count myself lucky to have found 6 shirts for his approval out of the stores I went in on the first trip. The remaining trips were to exchange sizes (Izod has apparently started to cut their shirts bigger, who knew!) and return 2 which looked better in the store than on. That brings him to a total of 4 new shirts. That's only about half of what he discarded, but it's a good start.

As for me, I had a date with Ann Taylor and Geoffrey Beene. We made out. It was good. Nothing I bought is on the websites. But I got 3 cotton knit tops for work/going out, a casual skirt for work, and a pair of black capri's to replace the ones I've had for years that are starting to show their age. Not that I have to justify buying clothing, but it felt like I'd been wearing much of the same summer clothes for at least 2 if not 3 years.

If anyone wants to join me at the outlets for (more) bargain hunting, I'd love to have the company.

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